"You guys have just raised the bar to what is quite possibly a completely unattainable level! Our shed arrived 15 minutes BEFORE they said the earliest time would be!"
- Cindy (Denver, CO)

Hobby Greenhouse Kits

The Sunhouse is made with the world's finest natural outdoor wood - Western Red Cedar, known for its beauty, strength, durability, and aroma.

The angle wall windows are made of high performance thermoplastic that transmits up to 90% of visible light, while filtering out harmful ultraviolet light. This is what makes it a great space for growing and nurturing your plants. Includes workbenches. Sunhouse 8x8 model shown on the left.

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Download the specifications sheet

Sunhouse 8x8   $4,907.00
SALE   $4,171.00
Sunhouse 8x12   $6,112.00
SALE   $5,195.50
Sunhouse 8x16   $7,305.50
SALE   $6,209.50
Sunhouse 12x12   $8,612.50
SALE   $7,320.50
All SmartSheds include FREE delivery! Extra charges may apply for the Installed Format, please ask us for details.
Sunhouse Features
  • Includes thermoclear panels used in commercial greenhouses
  • Comes with dutch door and push out window
  • Door can be placed on either end
  • Includes workbenches
  • Pre-built panels for quick and easy assembly
  • Includes cedar shingled roof panels and cedar floor
  • No cutting required
  • All assembly hardware included - even the bit
  • Made of 100% Western Red Cedar
  • Download the specifications sheet
Customize Your Greenhouse Kit
  • Save more than $200 with custom roof
  • Add opening or fixed windows
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