"You guys have just raised the bar to what is quite possibly a completely unattainable level! Our shed arrived 15 minutes BEFORE they said the earliest time would be!"
- Cindy (Denver, CO)

All SmartSheds have shipping and delivery included for shipping to all of Canada and the continental United States. For shipping to other countries, please email us at for details.
The typical lead time is 1-3 weeks from time of order to delivery. This can vary and, under certain circumstances, lead times can shorten or lengthen. Please confirm with our Summerwood Customer Service Representative if you need a more accurate shipping time at: 1-866-519-4634

We understand that a SmartShed may well be a major purchase for you. We want you to be aware of our Warranty Policy so you feel comfortable and confident that you've made the right decision.

All SmartSheds purchased directly from Summerwood are covered for a period of one year for defects in manufacturing and workmanship."

In addition to this, if you are missing or have received a broken piece, simply call our Summerwood Customer Support Line @ 1-866-519-4634. After we determine how to solve the problem to your satisfaction, we will be happy to replace the part(s) free of charge. The replacement part(s) should be couriered or shipped from our premises within ten (10) business days of receipt of the purchaser's notification.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to notify Summerwood, within 14 days after receiving the product, of any broken or missing pieces. Failure to do so will void Summerwood's obligation to send parts out free of charge. If you cannot confirm that all pieces are intact and in good shape within the allotted time period, it is the purchaser's obligation to notify Summerwood in writing of your situation so that a longer grace period may be granted. Such extension requests, and approval by Summerwood, must be in written form.

Summerwood considers all sales to be final once the product(s) ship from our plant, and does not accept returns unless the product is damaged in transit and cannot be salvaged.

Shipments delivered by Semi-Trailer Truck or similar type vehicle and offloaded by Purchaser

Shipments are delivered by semi-trailer truck and/or a similar type vehicle. A complete description of how the freight is delivered and what will be required by the purchaser is listed below:

Shipments Delivered by Semi-Trailer Truck and or similar type vehicle and offloaded by Delivering Carrier and carried to a specified location on your property

Shipments are delivered by semi-trailer truck and/or a similar type vehicle and offloaded by the delivering carrier and carried to a specified location on your property.

The shipment method or procedure must be confirmed at the time of order. Purchasers who choose our Premium Plus Delivery method to have their freight unloaded, must call a SmartShed Customer Service Representative to confirm that this method is available in your geographic location. There's an additional cost for this service and this charge will be added to your order at time of purchase. The Purchaser will not be required to pay any additional costs to the Delivering Carrier for this service at the time of delivery, unless there are deviations from prearranged shipping methods.

The Purchaser agrees to accept all financial responsibility for demurrage and rerouting costs if the ship-to location is changed after the product is shipped from our premises.

If there is any deviation from the prearranged shipping method, in most cases the delivering carrier will bill the purchaser directly for any additional charges. However, in certain situations where it may not be possible or realistic for the delivering carrier to do so, then SmartShed will re-invoice or bill your account for any additional freight charges which have been incurred.

SmartSheds strongly recommends that Purchasers contact our delivering carriers local terminal to make a delivery appointment after SmartSheds informs the Purchaser that freight has been shipped from our premises. SmartSheds will provide the Purchaser with both tracking and contact #'s for your convenience.

Purchasers must inspect freight prior to unloading and document any damage on the Shipping Document "BILL OF LADING" provided by the delivering carrier. Failure to document any such damage may result in delays in resolving any possible freight damage claims.

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